Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To the best

I knew you by reputation first
Orientation then
Fellow quizzers
We suffered a dry commercial run.

BMI defiers trainers
AE meets
Phone shellings
Truth tellings
Market work
Beats were on
Off SKUs
Extended trainees
Usual sob stories

Jani bravo
Nawab of Warangal
Business Class
Head honcho meets

Branch meetings
Troubled greetings.

Appraisals delayed denied
Long nights when I cried

Till morning came
Treats shared cared
Dad appraised
Rossogulla days.

Confrontations galore
Need to know basis
Need to say basis
Need to be stasis

Pamela Shamela
Shorts fats hair ala
Dances in moonlite

Plane Jane salutes
Qwality inn residence
Precedent providence
Best in the country

Breakfasts lunches
Dinner fed to lions
Let the games begin
Champions we were
The world, Ambition

21 gun calls
Beer football
FAL Menz Active biker
Reduction ad absurdum
Spiker, groover, moover
Hoover shaker

Commentor, recommendor
Filipino dancers
Once more a father
This time, unknown
Yet shortly to reveal
A pearl

Trained Nupur.
Hasta la vista, baby:)

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