Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Deep is Your Net on Phone?

I don’t get that many calls. Don’t make too many either. Yet, I have twitchy fingers. I can’t rest until I’m online via my phone. On a laptop screen, I’m chained to my desk, apprehensive that someone will notice I’m on Facebook and smirk.
When I’m on the net through my phone, I don’t have the hassle of powering up a big device like a laptop or lugging it around. I can tweet while the experience is on, so that it’s fresh.
Anytime I’m lonesome on the go, I just check in Facebook or Twitter and read what my friends are doing to feel connected again. If I’m curious about something they’ve posted, I tweet back. Only if I can’t think in 140 characters do I call them.
If I need to know an appliance’s price while I’m at a shop, I google from my phone. One time, I was buying an  oven with my family in the market. The shopkeeper gave his spiel about him offering us the dealer price. I found out online from my phone that the same model was available from many websites for Rs. 1000 less! He quickly backtracked and slashed the price by a thousand rupees. Not bad for a minute’s work, eh?