Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is the world still flat?

Post attending the lecture delivered by Friedman, I don't think so. The global playing field may be level now, but as an audience member pointed out, Africa remains the dark continent. The lecture was a rehash of the book. The saving grace was the delivery- very interactive, he had the audience rolling in the aisles. The sneeze which could be heard in Pakistan added to the merriment.
Decolonising the Indian mind remains a challenge. His book has sold 50000 copies in China, which he thinks will own this century. I still think that as the world's largest democracy, the world is now at our feet.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

answering the call

as i walked down
i heard a procession
i called near & dear ones
one answered a little late
the other struggles for independence

kyunki saan bhi kabhi bahu thi
tulsi pata moradabad girl
virani hirani vaswani khemani
mon ami, comprendez vous
comme il faut

kyunki fighter hamesha jeetta hai
jeetey raho
when we're good, we're good
but when we're bad, we're subhanallah
wot say, hakuna matata men?

as generation u gives way too
what next, we wonder.
wait n watch...
nothing else will do you.


Cafe talks
Library "studies"
Brothers in arms
Shrink wrapped
Celebrating summer
A mite too early
For a Siddiqui.
Purple ikat gifts
Treats @ Thar
Desi ghee too much
Linguistics classes
Meghdoot glasses
Barista bumping ins
Scarborough my fair ladies
Blogposts; Keh Mukarnis
Surprise foolish calls
Surrealistic SMSes
Women don't make passes
At old men in glasses/classes.
Angst shared cared
Shakes Soc trials
BCL film vials
Big Chill partings
Momo Point reunions
Derrida sessions
PGWA paratha picnics
Raghu Romeos in VKRV
Agony aunt, sister, poet
Film appreciation sessions
Seminar dissections
Goddess of small things
Eveready for all rings
Engaged, busy; no reply
This too shall pass
AJ PJ or X'mas mass
Poetry prized, MA topper
Dainty dragon fire eater
Dislocated wandering Jew
To a small townie near Kolkata
DGP blue, Ashley Tellus
What makes you tick, beloved.
Ad dei Gloriam
Cetrus paribus
Lover of freshers
Air, art salute
Vodka pochka men
Bowed down mister
Har har mahadev
Kriskrossing rainbow girl
Love always
Confused convincer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To the best

I knew you by reputation first
Orientation then
Fellow quizzers
We suffered a dry commercial run.

BMI defiers trainers
AE meets
Phone shellings
Truth tellings
Market work
Beats were on
Off SKUs
Extended trainees
Usual sob stories

Jani bravo
Nawab of Warangal
Business Class
Head honcho meets

Branch meetings
Troubled greetings.

Appraisals delayed denied
Long nights when I cried

Till morning came
Treats shared cared
Dad appraised
Rossogulla days.

Confrontations galore
Need to know basis
Need to say basis
Need to be stasis

Pamela Shamela
Shorts fats hair ala
Dances in moonlite

Plane Jane salutes
Qwality inn residence
Precedent providence
Best in the country

Breakfasts lunches
Dinner fed to lions
Let the games begin
Champions we were
The world, Ambition

21 gun calls
Beer football
FAL Menz Active biker
Reduction ad absurdum
Spiker, groover, moover
Hoover shaker

Commentor, recommendor
Filipino dancers
Once more a father
This time, unknown
Yet shortly to reveal
A pearl

Trained Nupur.
Hasta la vista, baby:)

Sop Arriya Girl

The Namesake

Friday, October 19, 2007


Short with short hair
Kolkata talks balti buck
Marks, ragging, roosters
Set to war with boosters
Shots, morning wakeup calls
Sleeping to the radio gogodolls
Makeup commune bonding
Lone Bong senior Stiff onion
Iniation in totem pole iron
Greased poledancer winner
Harmony breakup angst
Long night chats breakfast
Sunsets sunrises unseen 8:50s
Stealing men away victories
History patterns historiography
Kal mangal deep diwali hai acky
Breaky hearts sobbing homesick
naive Bosnia trips moving out quick
Single room inherited loss gained
New friends colonies wah taj bain
Noorjahan Hoykyu marks dropped
Soldiered on to top erstwhile fopped
Fach once always will be one, Chow
Friend, sister, HPS girl talked WoW
Ex why Zee chance meetings pow
Every bitch has her day, yours came
Mine will too, Inshallah, kismet tame
Unleasshed wild sided with truths
Forgetful but remembering, strweth
Love conquers all rules, majorly, minor
We've found what we searched for, diner
Tom, Dick, Harry Potter reincarnated
Punjabi by nature men, item numbered
Sweets for the sweet, sugar for our love
Dove, peace, imagined fairy lands strove
Sought, found, did not yield, untilled cash
Registered full house, bingo, black jack hash
Casino Royale, Gentlewomen preferred blonde
Proud to be Khanni gals, Khanni's our best pal
Ad dei Gloriam.

For a brown girl in the ring

I knew you by reputation first
At the Bournvita Quiz Contest.
When you joined school, friends
Romans, countrymen saluts
Interactor, secret agony talks
Hair pushing back, drama walks
Sociology pep talks. Debator
Hotel manager, fish cutter
Americana sexpressor, sardar
Namaste. Milkbikis, sculpted
Features, new zeal mates
Brat current affairs, prodigy
Hyperactive IQ queen, spelt bee.
Flowers, ships, true lovers
I understood, dishcovers
MBAs both now post BAs
Accounted for, still looking
Cook booking, mind reading
Limca book of Records Delhi
Pool boys, Assamese girls
We are so very veri merry.
Tops given, worn out, stoned
Stupid, retard, brothers mothers
We've share cared them all.
See you later, alligator sister.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


लेडी लीवर आर्ट गैलरी इस अन एए ओपनर इन्तो थे वोर्ल्ड्स ऑफ़ थे लीवर ब्रोठेर्स। Documentation and evangelism of human history using art gives an insight into why this company has influenced the world and been it's soap opera ever since it's inception.
Always thinking ahead, being proactive, it has a knack of moving ahead by visualising the future before it happens.
As she completes 75 years in India, let us salute the ladies who have consumed and are FMCGs.
Vive le Levers.

अर्ज़ किया hai

इश्क वोह आग है
जो जलाये ना जले
और बुजाहे ना बुझे।

पत्ता पत्ता बूटा बूटा
हाल हमारा जाने है
जाने ना जाने
गुल ही ना जाने
बाघ तो सारा जाने है।

Friday, October 12, 2007

टेस्टी फ्रॉम पापा's डारी ऑफ़ शेर्स, दोहस, पोएम्स

तुम्हारी शान घट जाती
कि रुतबा घट गया होता
जो ग़ुस्से से कहा तुमने
वही हंस कर कहा होता

Let us now praise famous women

Doris Lessing has won the Nobel. Deservingly so. Let's consider again the woman question.
What do women want?
Freud confessed that he was baffled.
How would he know, when we don't either.
We have come a long way over the last century in terms of evolution.
Adam & Eve, Shiva-Parvati, Vishnu-Lakshmi, Saraswati, Maa Kaali, Durga.
The faces of the eternal feminine.
When we are angry, playful, serving our loves, children, parents.
To continue,
Evolution will lead to revolutions.
Meanwhile, men- you can go eat cake:)
Baker, we'd like some too:))
The way to our hearts is also through our stomach.
Vive le ericture feminine.
The Mad woman's underclothes.
Madame Qry, Salut.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Strikes, it bites.
I remember pressing your flesh.
Our first talk & walk.
Phone pals...
My agony aunt
Dutifully, 24/7
Motiv8ed me through
A solution based approach
Saturday afternoon
magicked you up
Treadmills of the gods
grind slowly, but grind
Exceedingly fine.
Agility, ability
Please work.
15 saal bad...
White lies
Bangkok talks
Mukh East
hum bhi agar stiffonion hote
naam hamara hota Andrew Andre
Gentlewomen prefer blondes too
5 talla, Worli naaka
uninfluencable, block Goa
Excell, S&M baltis
Dali univercities
life, the universal beach.
You remain
Much love,

Monday, October 01, 2007

Week end

Was good. Don't remember much, but I do remember that I had fun. Teaching kids is very satisfying. I managed to catch a German play too, which used media interchangably to show our being taken over by media. Tomorrow's a holiday. Looking forward to being lazy in DU. Let's see how things pan out.
Read an Alberto Moravia- I like his style-it's very direct while at the same time he questions himself and his feelings constantly, but only to understand himself better.