Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's up

Thank you Alex G Bell
Now used as the cell.
I'd be lonely without hearing your voice in my head
Travelling through my ear, across metres sped.

False Claim

The new Tata Safari Dicor ad is positively worrying. One feels that one has to live up to it. However, even as it asks us what we would remember when we look back on our lives- the corner office ( we wish) and shows us the great, unexplored enjoy those locales we need to reach the corner office.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

mamma mia

My room mate and I made spaghetti. Yum. What fun it was to chop and cook and then eat what we had made.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music smooths the jagged edges of the soul
The words wash over her, she's again whole.
Logic's so futile when emotions rule us
Just because feelings refuse to adjust
We use logic, like searching in the light
For a ring lost in the dark, 'coz it's easy on the sight.

The dot to the line

A line expects to get somewhere.
This, too, is a line.
The earth rotates without a prayer
Gets nowhere, that's fine.
Days dawn, dusk in night
Content to be, that's right.

Why then, do we expect telos
Can't we be content with kairos?
Greedy, we want kairos all the time
Too lazy to make it,but we want to dine.

Hello Holly

Saw He's just not that into you. Too chick flicky. Based on a book so had a lot of talk and thought and less of action, which was a minus point from a cinematic angle.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Golly, It's Bolly

I liked Luck by Chance- Rishi Kapoor did a great job. Farhan Akhtar too. Bollywood's kitty party- must've made the ones ( if they were any) who were not there feel like pariahs.

Dev.D on the other hand only had the surreal Emotional Atyachaar going for it. The movie could be described as that too- with the viewer being the one betrayed.