Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pune Litfest 2016

Quite enjoyed the litfest this time too. Was sad that I couldn't make it for the Neil Hollander workshop on writing though. Kulpreet Yadav's session which was a semi workshop was a surprise consolation.

Caught the fag end of the Astrology workshop and found it quite interesting, specially the slide on how to handle different Zodiac signs. Cancerians are insecure, Librans are indecisive...hmm. Saggi with let them be free and Leo- flatter them, were no surprise :-)

Enjoyed the exercises on writing like trying to connect 4 images. Might do that as more of a practice, it was helpful and new. Forces you to be more detailed.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Shakespeare quiz. Felt good to be quizzing after a year and got some cool Shakespeare coasters.

On Sunday, I liked the Roald Dahl quiz. It's great to see kids today love him too. Happy 100th birth year, Dahling! Hope you're scandalizing the angels up there.

Liked the Books for Bricks stall by CRY on the lawn and the Enid Blyton exhibition too.

Also surprisingly enjoyed the session on crime. Want to read Helen Smith- her woman detective sounds interesting. Mr. Kumar's real life insights in the CBI and crime fighting was the stuff thrillers are made of.

The poetry slam session was OKish. Liked one poet who performed about salsa and flirting. The exercise on 5 things you hate was revealing though.

The Brazilian music, dance, martial art medley on the lawn was also fun.

I like the intimacy of this festival, with the workshops. That's something JLF doesn't have.