Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuscan Verve

Lorenzo de Medici by Vasari
On the eve of Columbus Americanny.

Harunobu's, 18th c.

Suzuki- Samurai
Welcoming Him
Mush mush.
Daijobu desu yo.


Kintaro & Carp in a Waterfall
Fight for growth, success call.


Art needs the masala of fart

in the absence of which it is fart.

Much Indian art today would fall in Cat 2.

The Japanese worldview lent itself to abstraction

Centuries ago, as it is their culture.

Food and sleep are the essentails for life.

Nothing is beautiful.

Food indeed, for thought.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Boys & girlsa acted as rakhshasas in Sophie's world
English Grammar 101 ended
As exams approach
Catters geared
Strategy saved asses
Others call now
Khoon lag gaya hai upstaged lawyers
Pangas @ rest
All's right in Malaysia.
Buzz was hohum
Paranthas were better
So was shopping @ winter bazaars
hallmarked toxic bachelors
trousseau unvieled admired packed up
Excel expenses calculated
Living within means
Without angers
summer winter shifted
memories revived
prithvi theatres last year
tax planning
pisa kuni?
tera number bhi ayega.
pedicuring ham
thanksgiving approaches lands
lord good fjord
united we stand
self fullfilling prophecies
./. they fall
from newtonian trees
on einstein's knees
here's to the crazy ones, hitlerr.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Upping the ante

Teen patti players

Gulli danda hitters

Still to visit LML

College shootouts

Lyons of Punjabis

What's our reach

If not to exceed our grasp


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gyan Capsules

Fantastic Voyage
Stimulated Adage
However, I maintain
Seeing woods beyond treemen
MacDuffer, that's me.

Ides of November

Utopian Creation, Dhrishtikon, Karma yatras
Danny Mcgill, Sophiya Haque, Johnny Bravuras

Grandaddies of all festivals harmony
SRCC, Mecca, Bachanalia symphony

Musical Instruments, Abhishake
babes in College, asked for cake

Ale Adam's apple of Discord
Cacaphony, Jaccosynthesised

Olympia. BCL Dramatics, Carol Evenings
Abhgyan, The Wall, Rumours, Affairs

Doctors in Spite of Ourselves, Boastful Rabbits
Grumpy dwarfed Goliath's David, Michel skits

The Line, Antigone, Amadeus, Hayavadana
The fiction of St. Stephens, Shakespearana

Karna, Midsummer Night's Dreamed Bottom
The Importance of Being Earnest, Casurina

Julius octaves octet, celeb debates Tharoor
Millenium lectured glasses off stage spoor

The Tempest, Mariana, Miranda, Pandy
Flaming Feathers to a Ray Charles Handy

Ice Candy Man giver provided we amuse
The play's the thing
Wherein we caught the conscience of Ruse

Veltanschung, Gotterdammerdung Deutsche Dutch
Streets of Philly, New York, New Yorkers Pach

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Abida Parveen
Nusrat, Sangam, Chini Whispered Sheen

Charlie, chary tactiturn Steve
Flmboyance flambe Onion peeve

Pets piranhas Indiana calls to Jone
Jean patchwork mirror gray Dorian

Drones queens workers ants Vaclav Hamel
Leaf fell on loneliness. Encore! Please, Kamil.

July's revolutionaries

Nandigram, Antaragram, Sanskriti
By the pricking of my thumbs upsy
Dazy's lazee, maids of Manhattan
Or Orleans genuflect towards Ran.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Gita- Arjun's monologue
By Arun Kukreja's provogue
Arjun feels guilty
Confesses sin city
Eklavya preys on his mind
A good flip through mankind.

Eyes Wide Shut@ Giridih

Chowk in Bada Makan
Brothers on top
Women Bottoms Up
Now dietician social worker
Brothers engineers
Catting, Civil Services
Aspirants all to ladder
Climbers suxesfully.

Chacha's Kiddies Day Out

1, 2



To India/Nutty/Satchi

Or Lilah, Ananya, Arriya

It's always been their day

Night, & evergreens way.

Temper tantrums inherited from us

A love for beaueous dramatics gorgeous

All gone on us, them & funny too. Loyal

Friendly, dancers, toothy grins shy et al.

Vive le enfant terribles!

Orhan Pamuks

slim voluminous read
Death unravelled sped
Towards plays pleasant
Gyan browsed, insouciant.

Professors met, greeted anew
Bhel wolfed, College trailed dew
MainCor people watching also
Today's Engagements, Cafe ho.

Nimbupani ran out, Mohan cawed
Rohtash shut shop, Mince alawed
Rajpal was on, Venky was playing
'Nuff theatre in me, am going.

Metro wrong, circular roads
Auto found, hi me homewards

to you wunly youwho n you know you



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On the classy Class of 1997, La Martiniere, Kolkata

Senior sisters taught us
In free periods zabardast

When we went to Mumbhai
For Bournvita Quiz Contessa
Mona Lisa smiled @ her colts
Brother's hot, said Vandana Scolt.

Dead Antara Mukhada & me
Scored the highest ever on BQC
Shortest quizzers ever, IIT Powai
Eventual winners, Campion Mumbai.

Anand, M.M. aunt & Stanford alum
Watched over quizmasters elan
Miss Maskhari & Miss Brat foxed
Teachers on their day, Hilda Peacock

Throned preened as merry Jerry
Vented spleen as Maggi Baggy
Sought help from students on Prodigy
Current Affairs: Akhion move Jaipuri

Quilted, kilted silted Dehri-on-Sone
Damodar Valley, J.C.T., Giridih shone
Flaming Mustards teary eyed Roshan
Ara, Noorjahan Mehta we asked for time

Anu Roman, now concubine no more consort
V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N: a last Pondicherried resort.
97 Neha, Patto, Nature Clubbers, trekked to
Sandakfu, Nidhi shot peak climber, sister

Rescued muah from falling off Heathcliff.
Vishal burnt my toes, as we sipped Thumba
Domesticated scientific engineered rhumba
Sportsmanship taught us, Modern High

Schooled twins, monitored principals Chulbulis
Question asked, answer found in avuncularities
Crisscross linecrossers croissants etc Young & R
handycams scanners, Radhika's a graduate err

Feynman, Schrodinger's cat, Prisoner's Dilemma
Horned randy brandy goats in our alma mater
Rabbit babysitters, ICSE takers, topped Chater
Founder's Bonfire Dinner Dancers salsa Akhila

Ranganathan, Soraya Husainsagar lake awaked
Agni, Barkha, Shruti Modi Todi, Kanupriyad
Didwania, Aditi Saraogi, Shayoni Mitra Priyamvadad
Oindrila Mukherjee, Ranjini Dasgupta presided

Over weekly meetings in the Nursery of Quiz City
Clubbers advised by Churiwala, rocked Kolkata
Limca Book of Records Quiz, Class then nined
The Big C, Baryscaped Antara Datta rhymed.

Let's make things better, Orko. Phillipenes
Great, better than thou is Doctor Strait
Gibraltar, Shan Chauhan sang distrait
While I timekept Bed of Roses, whined

If I overshoot let it go. 45 seconds wrote off
As a bad penny debtor hostage to face/off
Beat Gregorian chants, Old Spiced Axeland
Kar aunty psyched us out while Chattersand

Choker Bali, monkey troubled snake caged
There's still something about Maria's Huan
Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Stanley David Argused
Dalhousie Instituted Open Quizzes, Sohag Lahiri

Sunil Anil Vaswani, Nilanjan Mitra Sidhangshu
Manovikas Kendra, tendered resignations kyu
Ki Saas kabhi mumkin nahi hai. Yeh ladka mere
Samne mera dil le gaya. Ab kya karen?

Yeh kaisi mushkil hai hai hi (sigh)



nati binodini.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happee Chuts Deepawali

It little profits that an idle Rex
Matched with an aged life Vex
Metes & doles unequal laws
To a savage race; That paws
Hoards, sleeps & knows not Ye.

He cannot rest from travel
He does drink life from the lees
London Bridge fell on her knees
While Chaat partied@ home
All roads still lead to Rome.

Much has he seen & known
Though much is taken, much abides
Still strives, seeks as yet unknown
Jerry's merry, TomKat slips slides.

How dull it is to rust unburnished
As though to breathe were life
Danish bavarian black varnished
Suited booted spat polished strife

Cockney Soho Boho chic kababs
The Underground, "Inquilab Zindabad."

Monday, November 05, 2007

Beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder

That's hot.
He's not.
Runaway jury's still out.
Meanwhile, in other news, the Home Video Editing Workshop organised by Adobe this Saturday was extremely informative. Premier elements 4 is priced at $ 99 and has been rated by experts as being one of the top 10 products in the world recently.
Windows Movie Maker being free is usually what newcomers use. However, Adobe's offering is also very user friendly- you can edit, create a picture from images, add subtitles, music et al with ease. Looking forward to testing the product.

Friday, November 02, 2007


holler they are entranced
while stoned romanced
as their time ends
chapters do mends
around gender bends.

oh! kolkata calls kol-men
gigolos giggle, power rain
men black women white
cargo mago makeshift
arrange estrangements
stranger curiouser Lents
Denied selves await Kent
Wooster roosters come home
Sweet thanks giving to Rome

Madhushalas routes many
Varied spiced caravans any
Schoolgirls merry greened
Ganja guys n gals preened
Proud lions Aslan Anga

Metre measured six yards
Ghaghra goris to buy come
With their signature cards
I still want my MTV, Yama
Chacha Taichi watch over
twinkle winkle ripped von
Jean Cloud Huan Cholbe na.

Turning six, Ananya still
Builds rockeries by Will
Whimsy calls again to me
To repair a sighing bridge
Do I dare disturb their universe?

Peaches blossom in Peri gardens
Kamadev ki seema anant verdan
Will she won't be can't pay wont
Still i must try or else...I dont
Cogito ergo summa cum laude
Magna Carta read air bellowe

Fresh tendrils caress the air there
Where children nursed lap fair air
Younger's three, making merry
Hair shines like hayfever feisty
Ponytailed we shall ride in anu
Diwali happy Ram rajya jugnu
Ka tila...Heer misses Ranjha but
Will prejudiced jaundiced uncut
Pounds of flesh demand encore?

Proof of the pudding was in her eating
Dirt skirts issues open widows seething
Raged lawrentian storms on earthworms
In the room the women still come n go
talking of Michelangelo's children.
Mine neices pieces puzzled jigsawed jaws
Mandibles chew cuds while i consider paws

Do I go or do I stay? To rush once more
lemming wards is foolhardy.
Let me play the fool
I am not Prince Hamnet, nor was meant to bee.
Byrds. I will stomach displaced dislocated hate
Poisoned blue swallow once more for goatscape
Requirerd ease once more. nothing really will
Suffice outlaws, Robin. Red rode hoodwards
Woolfland hoy.

Bean me Scotty.

Wish me kismet karmic chameleon too.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Prez dbait @ Chachacha Nehrue's

Was immensely entertaining. Comrads fought, pulled the mandap down, very Parliamentarian in their behaviour.
Bhajpa as usual tried to bring religion up & had their janmabhoomi demolished for their pains.
I'm not sorry.