Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's tough to think of a tiger as a cat
Or to imagine a cat as a tiger. That
is a stretch- literally.

A killer who accepts leftovers?
Shrinking in size, a roar that cowers.
They say tigers don't change their stripes.

Evolution, with time, changes every being.
Is it a pity, or is it not? With every singe
Survival, the herd instinct, and the bio clock
All rear their heads, to stalk the one who stalked.

Memories remain of the wilds, the air of the unknown
The promise of prey to come, which tasted overblown
Will the tiger drink of the milk of human kindness?

Or will the cat bolt, seeking to sharpen claw once more
Breathe life in a skeleton, search hills again for blood, gore
Is it even possible? Or will it be too little, too late
The spirit remains, even if the flesh falls to fate.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Cal Rain

Rain. Everywhere. You just need to look up.
Sometimes it finds you, amidst gupshup.
The rain has a voice too, chattering away.
Sometimes it drowns you out, on its day.

Often it's in the background, like the generator
Which kicks in when lights go out. What's more
Is that it demands attention, khichdi, pakodas
As we snuggle in again, excuse for samosas.

It may irritate, being housebound for a day
Brave knee deep water, only to find no way
To cross rain's dominion. Buildings are islands
Calling out for paper boats and magic wands

To hold our weight. Umbrellas, upside down
Would help us sail through the town.
Until then, our heads are bowed
As we wait till it's cowed.