Friday, August 21, 2015

4G, for me

The mobile is an integral part of my life now. When I take a walk, I have to adjust my eyes, that are used to looking at a screen. Walking in the greenery feels strange- I keep feeling like I’m walking in a screen!

I promptly plonk myself down on a bench after my walk to surf online or sometimes during my walk if I am bored. Then if my network lets me down I get furious. My needs are few- all I want is Runkeeper to work properly, so that I know how many kilometres I walked at what speed. Facebook should open, so should Twitter.

I can read so much more if these apps open faster! There’s Digg and Flipboard too. When I watch the latest trailer on YouTube, I forget the storyline if it takes too long to load.

I could download and watch the latest hottest serial, wherever I am. When I go home, I don’t need to depend on the slow wi-fi. I can even quickly order an Uber or Ola and get moving. If the connection is slow, sometimes the location is inaccurate and I end up waiting, calling the poor cabbie who is rushing around from the wrong GPS location to pick me up from where I am actually waiting.

I can download the latest app or game. My patience has reduced ever since Internet instant gratification came along. I’m sure it will disappear with 4G. Instead of counting One thousand and one for a second, I will have to figure out a way to count the milliseconds taken to download an app. Maybe I just have to think One th...rather than say it in my head, and by that time the download will be done.

I can Skype with my mom with ease too then. That way, I can give her classes so that she can use her phone better. Now, she gets stuck sometimes if she’s even trying to buy a Groupon or book a cab. Or I can gossip with my friend in Australia. Right now her network is so good and mine so poor, the line hangs after a while. Her voice comes as hoarse and with a lag, so after a while we give up and get back to chatting, which isn’t so much fun.

Sometimes, when the network is slow, I have trouble making payments. I then start having nightmares about late fees. With 4G, I won’t have to worry about all that.

It’s a brave new world out there as far as apps are concerned. Now that 4G is here to give us wings, there’s nothing to hold us back. We can boldly go forth, where no person has gone before, and explore new games and movies!