Thursday, April 19, 2012

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall caught my eye whenever I passed it. The flurry of pigeons in the front, the delicate architecture, made me want to go in. This museum seemed alive, unlike the usual fossil houses. I was particularly struck by its pottery collection. I never knew that there were so many renowned pottery schools within India. They could give the ones at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London a run for its money.
Sculptures, miniature paintings, tie and dye material, ivory work, wood work, and so on are all there. We drifted from one room to another, taking in the sights. The play of light on the courtyards in the afternoon had us looking at the building as much as we looked at the collection.
Now I know one place where I can take visitors!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jaipur Notes

Have been staying here for maybe ten days, and a lot of them are centered around the beautiful goldfish bowl of a building complex that I stay in. Since I've stayed in a bungalow, PG, or makeshift flat before, this is a step up.
If I don't amble around the complex in the evening, I miss the greenery and the fountains that come on. The gym is a two minute walk within the complex, as is the grocery shop. Kids have a gala time, with badminton courts, place to play football, cricket, TT.
Mothers gossip while their young see saw, slide, and swing away. Teenagers huddle for heart to hearts, while young boys laze on the lawns. I get an entirely different view from my balcony. Kids roller skating below seem kind of flat.
Orange fish dart about in the pools, fascinating our young visitors. My fish showpiece plate was the object my nephew in law and I bonded around. Children are so imaginative- this three year old made up a story about the fish vomiting and needing to go to the doctor- he was experiencing these symptoms.
I gape at my surroundings whenever I step out. Jaipur is a beautiful, historic city. Am keen to explore Albert Hall, revisit Amber Fort, and eat at Sharma dhaba- at 1000 Rs. a head. It is a clean city, perhaps because immigrants target metros.
i look forward to unraveling this city's layers. Decoding the mainly Hindi signs and shopkeepers' Marwari is keeping me busy right now!