Saturday, November 29, 2014

What is needed to clean India?

Cleaning your house is easy. Well, not really. You probably outsource that to a bai. What happens when she doesn’t come? You either wield the broom yourself,  grumbling all the time, or you resign yourself to a dirty house for a day.

Sare Jahan se Acha- par Swacha?
Let’s extrapolate this to India’s situation. That’s our home too, right? Those countless Hindi film patriotic songs, that we hum come every Independence Day? There are no bias to clean India. We have to at least take care that we don’t dirty it, even if we don’t clean it.

Would you clean up after others?
I remember reading a Reader’s Digest article when I was a kid, about a man in Bangalore who would sweep the footpaths outside his house.  If we have a problem picking up after other people, at least we should not be one of those people.

Why aren’t we clean?
So let’s examine why people don’t think it necessary to keep India clean. What’s one more wrapper? What difference will one person being conscious of not littering make?

Court to the rescue
Just read that the Delhi High Court is pulling up municipality workers for not keeping the city clean. It is taking the KITA or Kick in the Ass approach. If they can’t keep the city clean, they should be fired.

The judiciary has always been one of the hands on arms of the government. Seen as impartial, it is perceived as an organ that gets work done, rather than dither due to political motivations.

So, if this judgment catches on, it can have far reaching implications. It can set a precedent. Other cities can follow suit. Accountability is key. As it rightly points out, if there is a cleaner appointed for each area, then why is the city dirty? By demanding details of the area cleaned, work will get done.

We who work know that the only way to get work done is to keep following up with the person concerned. Naturally the worker will have to work if he has to give details of the work done.

India Inc is cleaner
Cleaners in the private sector clean all the time. It would be great if we also had workers round the clock for this.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan is catching on
What seems different about Swach Bharat Abhiyan is that it has captured the imagination of the people. From school children to celebrities to courts, everyone is pitching in. So, we might very well see a clean India.

That would be great! We can finally then tell snooty foreigners who whine about India being dirty to take a walk. Literally. And those Indians who go abroad and then turn up their noses when they come back home? Them too.

So let's speak up like Montu, of Strepsils. It's a pretty cool campaign to make people think and share about this issue. #AbMontuBolega #AbSabBolenge #AbSabKarenge

Friday, November 28, 2014

Close Shave

My husband told me that he once did not hire a candidate because he was unshaven. I don't know why men don't bother to shave.

Excuse 1- It hurts
Pain. Maybe that’s why men shrink from shaving. Maybe they think it’s inner beauty that counts. Well, tough luck. If you don’t bother about yourself, no one’s going to bother about you.

Excuse 2- Work is worship
Or does it symbolize that they are working so hard that they don’t have time to shave? Considering they have time to yap, smoke and do other unnecessary things, even that excuse seems flimsy.

Excuse 3- I don’t have to look at myself
Seriously. There should be like a mirror which they have to follow wherever they go. Once they are also subject to the visual pollution they make others go through, they might change. I doubt though.

Carrot 1- Positive reinforcement
What about compliments? Do they work? No. The fun of laziness makes a compliment on a clean shaven look a distant memory. Don’t they realize if their laziness is so obvious, it’s going to affect how they are perceived at work?

Carrot 2- Get the girl
What about those lonely single guys? How do they think they are going to be able to change their status if they look like walking haystacks? Or do they really think that women go for character and men for looks?

Stick 1- Pay for it
Like at school, where you were penalized if your shoes were not shiny, there should be fines for unshaven guys. 

Stick 2- Scissorhands
Take a leaf out of Bobbit’s book. Just hack when he is asleep. If he wakes up, so what? You’re the one with the weapon :)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Touch me not

As Yash reached for Rashi, she slapped him away. “You just have one thing on your mind,” she yelled. Yash grinned impishly and replied, “Guilty as charged. I am a guy, you know.”

She hmphed and stalked off. Only to nearly bump in Yash, grinning, who once again made a grab at her. Rashi made a pained expression and drew his hands away.

“I have to pack, I’m going home,” she announced, pulling down a suitcase.
“This is your home,” said Yash.
“Whatevs,” she replied as she opened her cupboard and began pulling out clothes.

As Rashi landed in Delhi, she thought,”I’m finally going to see mom and dad after a year! It’s going to be great to meet the girls again too!”
A month slipped by, full of laughter, sumptuous meals spiced with love, revisiting old haunts, heart-to- heart girl talks with the gang.
She sighed. “It’s time to go home.”

This time, Rashi was the one reaching for Yash at the airport. “I missed you,” she cooed as she nuzzled his ear. Yash tried to play hard to get, but he couldn’t. He was a guy, you see.

A night of passion seemed too little to make up for that month apart. “It feels like Bali again,” thought Rashi as she snuggled closer to Yash. “What happened? Life got in the way, I guess. Housework should be banned! There’s never been a bigger mood killer,” she burst out, not realizing she was no longer thinking silently.

Luckily, Yash was fast asleep. Rashi traced his face as she promised to herself,”I’m going to try and be more of a guy where this touching thing is concerned!”

Yash’s eyes flew open as he reacted,”Are you a man trapped in a woman’s body?”

“No, silly! I just…forget it,” Rashi smiled as she closed his lips with a kiss.