Friday, December 30, 2011

Amusing myself in a museum

Went to the London Museum today. Enjoyed myself. Especially liked the Elizabethan display. Started from prehistoric, which I guess is common across civilizations. Medieval was interesting too. There were quaint exhibits like a puzzle jug with three spouts, me
ant to confuse the drinker.
It was quite interactive, with children encouraged to try on clothes from different eras. It was fascinating to see the minutae of a bygobe age, from manicure kits to gowns. Also enjoyed learning about the buldings here that I had already visited. The London Wall was right outside the museum, and a glass window showcased it inthe museum.

Vauxhall got a special section, and I remembered Georgette Heyer novels. Also liked the section which had padlocks and chains used by the suffragettes. Saw a William novel in anexhibit showing the stuff children took with them during the war evacuation.
saw the first Time Out. Took the highwalk back to the Barbican, an international India Habitat Centre I found yesterday. The library was open for longer today, so read the Time Out guide to London.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxing Day and the Bank Holiday

yesterday, went to Oxford St. to shop. Hordes of people were there for the Boxing Day sales. Intheafternoon, part of the street was cordoned off after a teen got stabbed there. Had a late lunch of lip smacking Lebanese. Took thebus back again as the tube strike was on. Enjoyed the view from the deck.
Today, went to Hyde Park. Then Harrod's. Had to stand in line to enter the perfumesale area. Worth it though. Beautifully done up, with a sense of history, it trulywas experience shopping. Egyptian hall to modern interiors, it had a variety of settings. Oohed and aahed over soft Hermes bags, modern works of art. Today too, the tube was partly shut. Eateries also shut early.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

went to piccadilly on christmas eve. lovely shops, playhouses, and restaurants. saw a ship in a bottle at the square, Nelson's Column, and fountains inwater. very European. Trafalgar Square also had a Christmas tree Norway sent, which was tall. Also walked to Leicester Square. Continued taking photos of the beautiful buildings.
Heard the Big Ben chime the quarter hours. Saw the vast Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Also saw Buckingham Palace. The Tube was smller than I expected but   easy  to use. Also saw the Thames and London Eye. Had a delicious late lunch of pasta at an Italian restaurant by the street.       

Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Friday

had dimsums for lunch. discovered a shortcut to liverpool station and spotted heron tower, which I had seen yesterday. Stumbled on to St. Paul's Cathedral. Bells were ringing. Very soothing. It is huge. Only saw it from outside though. Huge line for non ticketed entry to carol service. Rained but now I just turn a thick skin. Bank of England remained elusive. Felt like Christopher Columbus. Set out to find a bank and found a cathedral instead. Maps helped me make my way back. Shops are so nice and warm here, no wonder Shopaholic was a shopaholic. Had some yum chili cheese nuggets at Burger King. Saw kids i e skating away at a rink, even in the rain. Enjoyed eggnog latte at Starbucks. Did a couple of crosswords while I rested my weary feet and mustered up enoug courage to brave the cold wind outside. Want to see the Xmas lights at Hyde Park and Oxford St. Here too, Time Out is my guide. Was fun to read about restaurants online which I had seen during the day.

Friday, December 23, 2011


have been walking around my area, enoug to get backhomecomfortably - thirty minutes each way. theunexpected discoveries are the best part. walked downmystreet with a friend. it was interestingto see our neighbourhood through her eyes. keen to lunch at a lanewhich hhas street food in the day.
saw some artistic graffiti in Shoreditch. walked till a building which loked like a rocket.
yesterday I think I saw the bank of England.
today was the longest I walked- three hours. The lanehad mostly houses and offices. Kings Cross station was grand. Got a map so hope to take a bus or the tube soon. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

London Bridge

london seems staight out of the storybooks I read and re read as a child. you actually get eggnog here, which the fairies in Enid Blyton, used to get high on. Vera Wang gowns are advertized on the telly, which I first read about in Shopaholic. I keep expecting to see Mrs. D alloway on her bus ride.
Day one saw me exclaiming over the buildings on the way fromthe airport. On one side modern, the other old. Saw Ickenham on the tube and remembered PG Wodehouse. Keen to go to the Sherlock Holmes museum. Saw Baker St.