Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Singing Singapore's Praises

It started with a Singapore sling

Learnt, lived, loved the fling

With the city, the seminars, the speakers.

Neat and clean roads laid out, Sentosa stunned

In the habitat of fishes & dolphins plunged.

Veg sushi Vietnamese, dessert before second course

No space for the second dinner, अफसोस

We spiders wove our way through the agencies network

Tattooed, watched an MD dunked topless, smirked

Awards were glitzy, glammy, and afterwards

Purplehaired, we sat on the purple sofa

Rupee room, Clarky's beat a desi dil

Where we danced the wee hours till

Red carpet withdrawal syndrome struck

A world exposed to, I want to go back

To that time, place, people that's fading away

Not letting me be, when I see the snaps gay.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rain pain

Feel like writing an essay on a rainy day, like we used to in school. Should've stayed in Gurgaon yesterday, or at least left my laptop in office. Got lucky- took an auto to Ladosarai, walked to Ahinsa Sthal, took a relatively empty bus which stood at Ahinsa Sthal for half an hour, but then gethered speed. There was waterlogging along the way, but managed to reach office in two and a half hours- pretty decent.

Attendance is low though. Left my bag on a bus, but a Good Samaritan pointed that out.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Sing a poring we will go

I am so excited about attending Spike! Was shortlisting seminars, planning where to go in Singapore, what to buy. Santa Singh's definitely come early this year:) Am saving up money, although there isn't much time. Hope I can extend my stay. Looking forward to networking, experiencing Singapore by night, the awards, the workshops, the talks, the accents...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Weekend with a wham

The Medicine Show was very refreshing yesterday. Venue mismatch continued, but I guess performers' comfort comes first. The stand up comedy had us in splits.

Sang at All Sports Bar- Always by Bon Jovi. Karaoke solo is something else- you stop for breath and realise the voice has stopped. I barely knew the lyrics too, so was feeling very born in the USA types.

Made papri chat- hunger will work wonders. Was good and felt a sense of achievement too. Motivation to entertain.