Thursday, June 05, 2014

What would I do with the ASUS Transformer T 100?

I most appreciate technology when I’m on the move. While I’m waiting, have some time to kill, I can browse Twitter or Facebook on the ASUS Transformer T 100. Or play the next level of Plants vs. Zombies 2. For a break, I can go to Digg or Flipboard.

If I need to search for a shop that keeps what I want, I can google it on the T 100. And of course, directions. I would literally be lost without GPS and Google Maps.

On longer trips, like the one I took to Goa, the T 100 as a tablet’s handy for watching movies or serials. Couldn’t have used a laptop on a bus, which kept jolting me! Even when I take a flight to Bangalore, it can come in useful. Then it can be a laptop, as there aren’t any jolts there, usually.

On a shorter bus ride, to Mumbai from Pune, as a tablet it would be useful in reading novels and also for work. The battery would last much longer than my phone. I can just pop it in my bag and even in Mumbai’s frustrating traffic jams, I can work away!

I seriously feel incomplete without a device even within the house. I need a device within reach to take a photo, to capture that memory when I’m outside having dinner at a new place.

Or if I see a tree in full bloom, a gorgeous sunset, I need to click, check out the filters, and put it on Instagram. Technology helps me to stay connected and create.

Even when the lights go out, which happens frequently, I have no problems. I can just go for a walk, knowing that my mails will keep coming on the T 100. And, I can see how fast I’ve walked using RunKeeper :)

Since it’s tough typing on a tablet, the biggest advantage of the T 100 is that it can become a laptop when I want to. So when I want to chill it can be a tablet, and when it’s time to work, it can be a laptop.