Saturday, December 28, 2013

I hate that unclean stubble

Men may claim that stubble is sexy, but the target audience begs to differ. Stubble makes for an unkempt look, like the creepy characters in Roald Dahl’s The Twits, who had bugs feasting on the food particles stuck in their beards.
While godmen can keep long beards, the current status of godmen in India is poor. Men are lazy- there’s no doubt about this fact- so definitely shaving everyday’s a pain. But the payoff is immense.
You can admire yourself in the mirror with good reason then. Your significant other will enjoy stroking your chin without getting beard rash. You will be recognizable to long lost relatives as that innocent lad they remember from a decade ago.
Keeping a beard in shape is more challenging than being clean shaven, gentlemen. You trim it, and if it is lopsided, you’re a figure of fun. Even if you get someone to do your dirty work, he can goof up too, so be warned.
And as you age and you want to look young, this is an easier option than buying a Mercedes! It is believed that the clean shaven look became popular in military societies- enemies had less to grab on to. In these crime-ridden times, being clean shaven’s a good idea.
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