Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Friday

had dimsums for lunch. discovered a shortcut to liverpool station and spotted heron tower, which I had seen yesterday. Stumbled on to St. Paul's Cathedral. Bells were ringing. Very soothing. It is huge. Only saw it from outside though. Huge line for non ticketed entry to carol service. Rained but now I just turn a thick skin. Bank of England remained elusive. Felt like Christopher Columbus. Set out to find a bank and found a cathedral instead. Maps helped me make my way back. Shops are so nice and warm here, no wonder Shopaholic was a shopaholic. Had some yum chili cheese nuggets at Burger King. Saw kids i e skating away at a rink, even in the rain. Enjoyed eggnog latte at Starbucks. Did a couple of crosswords while I rested my weary feet and mustered up enoug courage to brave the cold wind outside. Want to see the Xmas lights at Hyde Park and Oxford St. Here too, Time Out is my guide. Was fun to read about restaurants online which I had seen during the day.

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