Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Touch me not

As Yash reached for Rashi, she slapped him away. “You just have one thing on your mind,” she yelled. Yash grinned impishly and replied, “Guilty as charged. I am a guy, you know.”

She hmphed and stalked off. Only to nearly bump in Yash, grinning, who once again made a grab at her. Rashi made a pained expression and drew his hands away.

“I have to pack, I’m going home,” she announced, pulling down a suitcase.
“This is your home,” said Yash.
“Whatevs,” she replied as she opened her cupboard and began pulling out clothes.

As Rashi landed in Delhi, she thought,”I’m finally going to see mom and dad after a year! It’s going to be great to meet the girls again too!”
A month slipped by, full of laughter, sumptuous meals spiced with love, revisiting old haunts, heart-to- heart girl talks with the gang.
She sighed. “It’s time to go home.”

This time, Rashi was the one reaching for Yash at the airport. “I missed you,” she cooed as she nuzzled his ear. Yash tried to play hard to get, but he couldn’t. He was a guy, you see.

A night of passion seemed too little to make up for that month apart. “It feels like Bali again,” thought Rashi as she snuggled closer to Yash. “What happened? Life got in the way, I guess. Housework should be banned! There’s never been a bigger mood killer,” she burst out, not realizing she was no longer thinking silently.

Luckily, Yash was fast asleep. Rashi traced his face as she promised to herself,”I’m going to try and be more of a guy where this touching thing is concerned!”

Yash’s eyes flew open as he reacted,”Are you a man trapped in a woman’s body?”

“No, silly! I just…forget it,” Rashi smiled as she closed his lips with a kiss.


Susmita Ganguly said...

Passionate,though cute :D

Nut-a-tut said...

Thanks Susmita :)