Friday, November 02, 2007


holler they are entranced
while stoned romanced
as their time ends
chapters do mends
around gender bends.

oh! kolkata calls kol-men
gigolos giggle, power rain
men black women white
cargo mago makeshift
arrange estrangements
stranger curiouser Lents
Denied selves await Kent
Wooster roosters come home
Sweet thanks giving to Rome

Madhushalas routes many
Varied spiced caravans any
Schoolgirls merry greened
Ganja guys n gals preened
Proud lions Aslan Anga

Metre measured six yards
Ghaghra goris to buy come
With their signature cards
I still want my MTV, Yama
Chacha Taichi watch over
twinkle winkle ripped von
Jean Cloud Huan Cholbe na.

Turning six, Ananya still
Builds rockeries by Will
Whimsy calls again to me
To repair a sighing bridge
Do I dare disturb their universe?

Peaches blossom in Peri gardens
Kamadev ki seema anant verdan
Will she won't be can't pay wont
Still i must try or else...I dont
Cogito ergo summa cum laude
Magna Carta read air bellowe

Fresh tendrils caress the air there
Where children nursed lap fair air
Younger's three, making merry
Hair shines like hayfever feisty
Ponytailed we shall ride in anu
Diwali happy Ram rajya jugnu
Ka tila...Heer misses Ranjha but
Will prejudiced jaundiced uncut
Pounds of flesh demand encore?

Proof of the pudding was in her eating
Dirt skirts issues open widows seething
Raged lawrentian storms on earthworms
In the room the women still come n go
talking of Michelangelo's children.
Mine neices pieces puzzled jigsawed jaws
Mandibles chew cuds while i consider paws

Do I go or do I stay? To rush once more
lemming wards is foolhardy.
Let me play the fool
I am not Prince Hamnet, nor was meant to bee.
Byrds. I will stomach displaced dislocated hate
Poisoned blue swallow once more for goatscape
Requirerd ease once more. nothing really will
Suffice outlaws, Robin. Red rode hoodwards
Woolfland hoy.

Bean me Scotty.

Wish me kismet karmic chameleon too.

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Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!