Friday, October 19, 2007

For a brown girl in the ring

I knew you by reputation first
At the Bournvita Quiz Contest.
When you joined school, friends
Romans, countrymen saluts
Interactor, secret agony talks
Hair pushing back, drama walks
Sociology pep talks. Debator
Hotel manager, fish cutter
Americana sexpressor, sardar
Namaste. Milkbikis, sculpted
Features, new zeal mates
Brat current affairs, prodigy
Hyperactive IQ queen, spelt bee.
Flowers, ships, true lovers
I understood, dishcovers
MBAs both now post BAs
Accounted for, still looking
Cook booking, mind reading
Limca book of Records Delhi
Pool boys, Assamese girls
We are so very veri merry.
Tops given, worn out, stoned
Stupid, retard, brothers mothers
We've share cared them all.
See you later, alligator sister.

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Fallen Angel said...

Thanks, it means a lot