Friday, October 12, 2007

Let us now praise famous women

Doris Lessing has won the Nobel. Deservingly so. Let's consider again the woman question.
What do women want?
Freud confessed that he was baffled.
How would he know, when we don't either.
We have come a long way over the last century in terms of evolution.
Adam & Eve, Shiva-Parvati, Vishnu-Lakshmi, Saraswati, Maa Kaali, Durga.
The faces of the eternal feminine.
When we are angry, playful, serving our loves, children, parents.
To continue,
Evolution will lead to revolutions.
Meanwhile, men- you can go eat cake:)
Baker, we'd like some too:))
The way to our hearts is also through our stomach.
Vive le ericture feminine.
The Mad woman's underclothes.
Madame Qry, Salut.

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