Friday, October 19, 2007


Short with short hair
Kolkata talks balti buck
Marks, ragging, roosters
Set to war with boosters
Shots, morning wakeup calls
Sleeping to the radio gogodolls
Makeup commune bonding
Lone Bong senior Stiff onion
Iniation in totem pole iron
Greased poledancer winner
Harmony breakup angst
Long night chats breakfast
Sunsets sunrises unseen 8:50s
Stealing men away victories
History patterns historiography
Kal mangal deep diwali hai acky
Breaky hearts sobbing homesick
naive Bosnia trips moving out quick
Single room inherited loss gained
New friends colonies wah taj bain
Noorjahan Hoykyu marks dropped
Soldiered on to top erstwhile fopped
Fach once always will be one, Chow
Friend, sister, HPS girl talked WoW
Ex why Zee chance meetings pow
Every bitch has her day, yours came
Mine will too, Inshallah, kismet tame
Unleasshed wild sided with truths
Forgetful but remembering, strweth
Love conquers all rules, majorly, minor
We've found what we searched for, diner
Tom, Dick, Harry Potter reincarnated
Punjabi by nature men, item numbered
Sweets for the sweet, sugar for our love
Dove, peace, imagined fairy lands strove
Sought, found, did not yield, untilled cash
Registered full house, bingo, black jack hash
Casino Royale, Gentlewomen preferred blonde
Proud to be Khanni gals, Khanni's our best pal
Ad dei Gloriam.

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