Thursday, October 25, 2007


Cafe talks
Library "studies"
Brothers in arms
Shrink wrapped
Celebrating summer
A mite too early
For a Siddiqui.
Purple ikat gifts
Treats @ Thar
Desi ghee too much
Linguistics classes
Meghdoot glasses
Barista bumping ins
Scarborough my fair ladies
Blogposts; Keh Mukarnis
Surprise foolish calls
Surrealistic SMSes
Women don't make passes
At old men in glasses/classes.
Angst shared cared
Shakes Soc trials
BCL film vials
Big Chill partings
Momo Point reunions
Derrida sessions
PGWA paratha picnics
Raghu Romeos in VKRV
Agony aunt, sister, poet
Film appreciation sessions
Seminar dissections
Goddess of small things
Eveready for all rings
Engaged, busy; no reply
This too shall pass
AJ PJ or X'mas mass
Poetry prized, MA topper
Dainty dragon fire eater
Dislocated wandering Jew
To a small townie near Kolkata
DGP blue, Ashley Tellus
What makes you tick, beloved.
Ad dei Gloriam
Cetrus paribus
Lover of freshers
Air, art salute
Vodka pochka men
Bowed down mister
Har har mahadev
Kriskrossing rainbow girl
Love always
Confused convincer.

1 comment:

Pooja said...

Oh My GOD.

I didn't know you had me down so pat. Freaky!

Oh My God.
Confused Convincer is so RIGHT!!

Thank you. Nicest Buday gift ever. Watch out for yours. But that will be personally delivered!:)