Friday, December 07, 2007

Do we make better managers?

Although I was taught not to generalise, stereotypes make our lives simle.
I believe women managers are different, sometimes better, sometimes worse than men.
It is still a man's world.
It is also a woman's world.
Do the twain meet?
To make babies, yes; but besides that?
You remind me of Nooyi.
Kiran Bedi.
many monikers, many hats.
the singular thing about us is that you can only speak about her in the plural.
As a mother, daughter, sister or wife- we are framed by our relations.
Being one of the boys does not work, neither do we want to.
After all, they can never girl talk.
writing copy for a shirt brand was tough. I wonder then whether men find it tough to scheme to entrap women.
Seduction is still an art.

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Umang said...

Haha... Very well put!