Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Art of War

Is one tome I return to whenever I am feeling particularly murderous. I like the way it is written- it leaves no room for argument. Diktats are listed without explanation. Having tried some of them out, I can vouch that it works- although I did not know I was applying these principles when I was:)

Some others are intriguing- cannot figure out how to apply them. Also, I do not know how to exactly use these principles for the projects I have in mind.

He advises an army to burn its bridges- so that there is no looking back. That's one I agree with- but although I found it easy to apply on the professional front, on the personal front it is taking me more time. I imagine, as usual, that for most other people- the reverse holds:)

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Umang said...

Interesting. :-)
You should write a series on what all you found to work and what not.