Monday, December 10, 2007

BarCamp 3 Delhi

Was very enlightening.

Although the room I attended had very gassy presentations on how to blog in the morning( Digital Inspration was only semigaseous), matters improved post lunch.

Prashant's analysis of the blog scenario in India & outside was incisive.

The design presentations on mobile websites were also well done.

The yahoo mashup and google options as used were also innovative.

felt eerie to see an ithink developer speak of something I had added barely a week ago on fb.

Web marketing for the underprivileged as a job option to BPOs was also an early birder.

Shopping in waves rounded off gyan sessions for yours, truly.

I still think the thrill of bargaining in open air beats cold soulless malls hollow.

People seem to agree- I only saw footfalls in discount stores and the food courts.

Bru stall saw me shell out Rs. 80 for coffee I doubt I will make, only because I will get the corresponding amount off on the next PVR flick I watch.

Bluetooth, quizzes and samples saw me put my money where my mouth was.

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