Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfer happy

My sister-in-law has a tablet and wants to use it to watch her serials, so I suggested that she use Tata Sky Plus Transfer. Otherwise, we lose out in the war between Apple and Mac. She had trouble transferring her serials from the PC to her ipad.

You watch your serial, I mine
This way, we can keep the peace with our husbands. Otherwise, they get bored when we watch our chick flicks, and our eyes glaze when they watch their superhero serials. We can plonk ourselves on our beds, and watch our serials comfortably.

Always connected
When I went on holiday last week, I used Remote Record to record serials I thought would be interesting. I had been watching reruns for a while, so I didn’t want to miss out on new programs. It worked like magic!
I tested it out at home, and was overjoyed when Rosewood showed up on my Booked programs, when I had clicked Record from my phone. Someone from Tata Sky called the next day, to interest us in Live TV.

Live TV
Watching TV on my phone is definitely an idea I would consider, if my serial was at a particularly interesting point. It’s better than getting reviews on Twitter, which now seem to crop up almost before the serial is aired!

TV, but not on TV
Who watches TV on TV anyway? I see kids on their tablets and I think that’s the way to go. This way, you can watch your favourite show when you want to, as you want to. I hardly watch TV with ads these days.
TV before DVR is a distant memory. The time I save by fast forwarding ads, I can spend in watching another serial! If you haven’t seen Fargo, check it out. If you’re a movie buff, there are many oldie goldies being shown on TV, some of which you are sure to have missed. I had been wanting to watch Moulin Rouge for a long time, and finally managed to catch it on TV.

What to watch
A good comedy can really raise your spirits. I enjoyed watching Seinfeld, which I fortunately didn’t remember very well from the first time I had watched it, many years ago. I also loved watching Desperate Housewives, even though my husband claimed that he hated it. He would giggle along as I watched it, though.

In new serials, Fargo, as I said, was a corker. We can’t wait for the next season! Hope it’s as good as the first one. 

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