Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To a fitter us, heart to heart

Metabolism slows down as we get older. I want my husband and I to start good habits now, when we are in our 30s. That way, we won’t blimp up and have health problems later. The problem is, eating healthy is boring. So is exercising.

When is it fun? When we compete with each other. We rival each other in seeing who will lose more weight first. If one of us gains weight, he or she forces the other one to stand on the weighing scale too!

If I refuse a sweet, my husband reduces the portion of the sweet that he has taken. I try to make healthy stuff, so that we are full and not tempted to have junk food too often. Weekends we usually take a break and eat what we like.

I like having oats for breakfast, which my husband likes too. Both of us are fond of fruits and shop for them on weekends so that we have them within easy reach during the week. Lunch and dinner are normal meals usually- roti, sabzi, dal, so that’s healthy. He takes a fruit to office to snack on, and has dry fruits too if he feels more peckish. I like having muri in the evenings.

We try to walk together on weekends, which is way more fun than me taking rounds while listening to the radio. He educates me about car models, pointing out the good ones as we walk by. I am able to maintain a good pace too if I walk with him, as he walks fast.

When we go out dancing, that’s definitely a fun way to burn calories! We also walk fast in the mall and while shopping at the hypermarket. Every little counts. We have an exercycle, so we pedal while watching TV. I also burn calories giving him massages!

I need to lose a couple of kilos according to the Saffola Weight-Heart Test and so does he, so we should go trekking! That;s a great way to trim the waistline and get refreshed too. I liked the diet and weight plans they suggested too- very sensible and doable.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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