Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Was checking out the open course ware at MIT online today...the philosophy section. Tough to follow- seem to be saying the obvious once you've waded through the jargon...

Also read some of their lectures on writing short stories-useful stuff- but tough to follow--bit like how I would feel if someone asked me to paint:)

Enjoyed the performance by Shaw's Corner on Sunday at the Habitat.

The concert there by Swaratma on Saturday was also good. The lyrics were social cause related and the music was very danceable-- very different from the usual Hindi music available. The guitarist singer switched from English to Bihari with complete ease.

The YP seems a tad yuppie--but as long as good work is being done, why crib.

Went shopping at sales on Sunday after a long time- felt very very good.

Mehendi rang layegi...

Was fun having a friend over on the weekend.

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