Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Esha- for the blind

When we walk in the dark, we feel helpless. We also empathise with those who must live their lives in darkness. I remember my batchmate, pankaj, who was visually challenged, but still got a first division in the first semester of business school. He spoke with authority, and sensibly. he was finally placed with IBM and is now happpily married and a father too.

Who are the blind people who have touched your lives? Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, John Milton...

Esha, an organisation for the blind, attempts to sensitise us to their world- they organise the printing of Braille visiting cards, theatre workshops run by the blind, accessibility audits for organisations to evaluate how blind friendly they are.'ve seen one of these Braille visiting cards, but I just thought it was an innovative design...I didn;t realise that it was Braille.

Tactile maps- green velvette paper to signify forest cover etc- is another interesting idea ocvered in their blog

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How do we know said...

hey.. great post! Can u pass on the contact of Pankaj.. i would like to talk to him about a post series on the blog. thanks a ton!