Tuesday, February 22, 2005

when life's like a poem with rhythm, rhyme and reason.

Am feeling really nice inside. Just had an invigorating adda. Interesting looking twinkly guy. Looked dhakka sa dhakkan. Typos can lead you down interesting bylanes.. Then I discovered he quizzes. Went for bournvita. Sat next to him in class. Class was also god. So I had good formal education n informal education as well.
I learnt about the intriguing-pun intended-life of the Da Vincis.
Thought I’d make a pact with myself-just do a pun everyday. Doesn’t work though, unfortunately.
I think I’ll start writing positive everyday for ten minutes though, just to keep my hand in.
Writing negative would be cathartic. Writing positive would be creative. Fiction, but creative.
To resume-if you have trouble following my lines of thought as they criss cross and play hop scotch on the rocks, read woolf. I find her boring but her metaphors are mindblowing. Enough to make you die of the green eyed monster.
She discovered stream of consciousness. Now I understand why engineers can’t spell. Or why artsis can’t count. They don’t use it much.
So I’ve been to the moon and back-all in an hour, while an interesting class was going on. This is called spoiling yourself and yet not being spoilt.
I think I’ll live life a bit, and when the conflicts outweigh the adventure, start a content club of interesting knick knacks. Or teach. Preferably kids who need an escape route. Not rich MBA type kids who go to class because they are forced to, but because the word school means leisure.
A word’ etymology is like a signboard. Grammar without thought is so lifeless. Thopught overrides grammar all the while.
You can get interesting rhymes and ideas from spell check options as well.
Wrote my longest poem yesterday and my first fun one. Am really excited about it.


Purple Passion said...

hey maski...
brill piece of prose...totally spaced me out..suddenly i feel like i aint alone in this world..an pray who is this twinkly guy? sounds interestin all right...
keep up the mindblowing hopscotch with words...

apricotnhoney said...

hey nutzzzz,
sounds so much like u...its not for ntn that they say that somethings never change!!

prem said...


Well done......keep it up