Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mama Eng(g)

Took a starved soul on a pilgrimage to a higher plane. Two floors up.
Ensured I was adequately fed, using friends as bait.
Absolutely gratis, as art purports to sneer at money.
Actually answered a math test in time, mostly on my own.
Learnt grammar at age 23, naturally with a twist.
John kissed Mary. Several times. I lost count actually.It was quite in tense.
I learnt then that the professor had written four books on John kissing Mary. I gave up then trying to straitjacket nonsense into sense. And just elected to sit back and enjoy.
The atmosphere was peaceful. Everyone was enjoying class. School comes from the Greek word for leisure.
My cultural exchange charge was given and gave the eye to the three figure number of girls present.
We then agreed to combine soul food with visible food.
Cross pollination. The speakers found listeners, the listeners found speakers worthy of their ears.
I lived in the moment, for the moment and all the other prepositions I could find.
Soaked in every second for a dry day.
Came back to more good news-pom test results were out, and I had done well, with a little help from a friend. My investments are paying off.I need to plough them back though.
Decided to celebrate again.
And so the party continues…


blue said...

oh oh oh oh AWESOME!!! i miss you....atleast john and mary are getting some action *sigh*

Neha Chugh said...

whats the meaning of "Kairos"...:)