Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On life, the universe and everything

It's important to meet your hero in the magic minutes of the morning. That's when the dream world changes in the real world. That's when you can try and make the real world the real world.
No need to write The Great Global Novel ( Pun unintended) in one day flat.
The world's a global village.Provincial in ideas. It needs something to hold on to if there isn't someone to hold one to.
I usually bathe at leisure. Today the thoughts banged on my skull, demanding to be let out and live. A different kind of headbanging.
One can't write in the dream world. one can only write about the real world at length, about how it should be the real world.
In writing, one has to lose the I . Because one has to make it interesting. Make the reader and the writer both live, and thereby want to live.
It is a schizophrenic world. One must try not to let it split one in half.