Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Words and actions- what speaks louder in my head?

It’s probably easier to not compromise when we are younger. That’s a sound argument for always staying young at heart.

When I decided to study English at graduation, that was when I stuck up for what I believed in. People said it doesn’t pay, it’s for self satisfaction, it has no career prospects.

I thought I’d become a journalist, but I actually wanted to become a better writer. I did. Not become a journalist, but a better writer.

Somewhere along the line, our dreams may change. Reality impacts them, so it is but natural that they do. Still, if we don’t dream, how will we live?

Even when I finished graduation, my love for literature remained. Unconsciously, I still approach art the same way we were taught. What’s the sub text?

My MBA taught me about a different kind of sub text. What’s the agenda? Just another word for sub text. One that isn’t academic, a little more menacing.

Magic realism
The two have fused. I use both today, whether it is at work or at home. Both talked about people. Negotiation involves understanding what makes people tick. Negotiation was something I learnt practically at b-school, but used as a term in College.

Foucault’s words on the relation between power and knowledge- first came across them in College. See their truth around me everywhere.

The production of fiction as a commodity- popular fiction- was again something revealed to me in my second year in College. Studied its marketing at b-school and am now trying to practically do it at work.

Even if one sticks to a pure ivory tower, it’s difficult. It will get polluted. The atmosphere’s not the cleanest. Why not then control what influences our thoughts, and act keeping reality in mind, not just idealism?

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