Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What makes me, me

With circumstances I’ve changed. But there are some things I’ve always held dear. Writing poetry. My love of nature. My passion for learning. Labels are easy. They tell everyone at a glance what’s inside.

All that’s inside may not be on the label

The jar may not be transparent. The label may be one thing, but the contents another. Or the label may refer to one thing, but the jar contains more than one. People stereotype because it makes it easier for them to react to others.

Men don’t make passes at women who wear…
Glasses means you’re studious. Now I wear lenses. Does that make me more fun loving? I always had a wild side. Toppers are no fun. I didn’t study to top, it just happened.

Yes and…then
It was liberating when I stopped topping though. I met difference first in b-school, when fellow students thought that I took English because I got low marks. When they heard my marks, they were zapped. I tried to tell them it’s possible to get good marks and still want to follow your heart.

Yes and…now
Today I’m a wife, and a friend. Still a friend to my gal pals. A daughter, and a daughter-in-law. A manager and a poet.

Ah, poetry…
Painting the world in black and white would be so dull. Shades of colour make it fun. Expressing myself through poetry helps me cohere my world and whatever’s happening. Rhyme gives it structure, which the real world may not have.

Mama nature
Writing about nature, or simply gawking at it in its always varying moods, gives me a sense of peace. Strong mountains seem to shoulder the earth, giving me the confidence to leave things in God’s hands.

Learning lights up new pathways in my brain, much like when I exercise, which sadly, is not as frequent as I would like it to be. The Internet’s great for learning. I like trying out new dishes occasionally. The appreciation, both by the diner and online gives me a fuzzy warm feeling inside.

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