Monday, March 17, 2014

Retail therapy

Sadly our retail therapy is mostly limited to sales, now that clothes are getting so expensive you might as well wear currency notes. Plus there's the not so little matter of the paunch- there are few tops which are forgiving enough- so then the constraints start tending towards becoming mutually exclusive.

Coupons- get a bargain deal- who doesn't like these? I have got some fantastic ones, before parlours caught on. 70% off on getting pampered- what bliss- unlikely that we would indulge at normal rates. Mani-pedi. facial, waxing, haircut, the works. So what if I signed up for a membership and then got crappy service for months to come?

Cashback's another catchy C. I so identified with Confessions of a Shopaholic. I've always wanted to buy whatever there's a cash back on, but luckily my needs set and the stuff that I'd get a cash back on set haven't intersected yet :)

Giveaways- now that's a magic word! Guaranteed to make me fill out a lucky draw coupon. I actually did come close to winning the grand prize of a Mercedes recently, in a shopping mall draw. If the winner would have declined, I would have got it. Sometimes they do, you know, gift tax and parking are nightmares. I did win a Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani cassette for writing a slogan in school.

My first prize was 3 Benetton tshirts- which were oversize- but I still wore them everywhere. Target, the children's magazine- asked why do Hindi film heroines move from short skirts to the kitchen after marriage? My answer- they move from sizzling to cooking sizzlers :P

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