Monday, January 02, 2012

Windsor Castle and the London Bridge Experience, as well as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Today we took an hour to reach Windsor Castle. Took the train twice after taking the Tube. It was a proper castle on a hill. A royal dollhouse with an electric vacuum cleaner, gold cutlery and the works served as a preview for the actual royal rooms that we
saw later. Painted ceilings, Rembrandts, royal beds, were all there.
The knighting room was also grand. Tipu Sultan's gold tiger head was very impressive.

The journey back took a couple of hours. The Chamber of Horrors at the London Bridge experience was a little spooky. Kept my head down and held on to the girl in front of me. The big squeeze was the most scary, where the walls closed in. The bumpy lift was fun too. As a vegetarian, the room with meat in it made my skin crawl.

Managed to make it to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The open air theatre is a loving reconstruction of the original, with wooden benches, painted marble columns on stage, and a balcony which Romeo must have used. There is spacd for the groundlings, the nobles who would hear the play from the balcony, or sit on stage on the balcony to show off. .
rounded the day offwith Turkish food. yum. live music, green decorwith lovely lighting and a live kitchen added to the mood.

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