Wednesday, January 11, 2012

cafe godiva, chislehurst caves, courtauld art gallery

Spent nearly three hours shopping in harrods and never realised the time. cafe godiva was worth the wait. the presentation was as good as the chocolate. the chocolate melted as i drank it, the cupcake was divinely sinful. the simple decor kept the focus on the chocolate. spotligts shone on us as we got a little taste of heaven.

on sunday we went to chislehurst caves. twenty miles of chalk caves built by the druids, romans, and saxons. we got a gas lantern as we entered. our guide pointed out the carvings made by miners. we also saw sculptures made by a new zealand artist, of spiderman, canary wharf, etc.

it was quite spooky! Heard stories about people who tried to spend a nigt here but couldnt. a couple who didi ended up with dislocated shoulders and so on. we also heard echoes our guide made.

world war two saw these caves being used as bunkers. saw models of those too. an hour was quite enough. it was a change from palaces, museums, amd churches though.

courtauld art gallery was also fun. saw fauvist art which is colorful. kandinskys, goyas, renoir, manet, and the rest of the whos who were there. as the paintings were displayed in a house the effect was more intimate.

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