Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On the loss of a kilo

Motivation. No shortcut to working out, eating healthy, and keeping on working out and eating healthy. Initially I did feel more hungry, and would fall asleep promptly at 10 PM. In week 2, my hunger pangs are a little less, but they are still there. And I still feel like crashing by 10.

Your social life takes a hit- if you have to go for a workout early in the morning, you can't have a late night. On Saturdays, you theoretically can, because Sunday the workout place is closed. But because you have worked out on Saturday, you will still fall asleep at 10 PM:)

I struggle to catch Desperate Housewives at 11 PM on weekends. Have now decided to catch the repeats at 8 PM on weekends. It seems like a small price to pay for feeling lighter, better, and fitting back in the clothes I had given up :)

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