Friday, January 11, 2008


Hiring women is only the first step. If no man likes to take orders from a woman, think of her. She has to take orders from men all the time.

Sugar daddies help. But when they withdraw support, it's back to square one.

CEO support helps too. But when they withdraw, one is once more alone.

New broom swept clean all the men I disliked. They shared a lack of commitment.

The one I did like, for his sheer engrossment in his work, is a blue eyed boy now.

Glass barriers are ones we constantly bump into, for no man really thinks a woman is more intelligent than him, can do his work better than him, or will eventually rule him.

New broom was manufactured in the same factory, so is also suave, polished, stiff upper lip.


If wax dummies were any good, mannequins would make us move.

Breaks only underscore that nothing's changed.

Am sure that still, when Any Questions? time comes, no one opens their mouth.

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