Friday, January 11, 2008

Consumer citizen activism

Electronic goods crimes are on the rise.

As service declines, branding spends rise, consumers are brands.

They are striking back at the hands which fed them phones which do not work, shares that are not given in time, policies which are sold by omission.

Power is corrupting them absolutely.

They are organising themselves on an impromptu basis, taking advantage of the very loopholes used to exploit them- a sluggish executive.

Organisations still look at the low cost of angering consumers as inferior to trapping ignorant ones.

As the information asymetry sets itself right, will organisations reform?


They still think youth will be disillusioned.

They do not realise that as youth gets the results it wants, by acting, it will see less and less reason to behave.
If organisations are run by the cognitively old, who want to cater to the young, using young media, icons, imagery-how will it's consumers be satisfied?

न किया तुने यह क्या किया?

Connecting people.

We call this

humane तेच्नोलोग


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