Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pondicherry on the cake

A road trip this year March culminated at Pondicherry. A sleepy town with French influence, it felt out of India. Although we were only there for a couple of days, we still remember the peace there.

A Jaipur friend had given a contact over there, and her recommendation for dinner was spot on. Rendezvous was such a pleasant experience, with its straw roof, open air seating and delicious everything- quiche to sizzler,  that we went back the next day for dinner too!

Shopping’s good here. Auroville sends a lot of colorful, cool stuff to the stores here- I am transported back to Pondicherry every time I slip in the pink pants I bought here. (The husband has a good eye for shopping)

So after checking out the stores next morning, we hit Auroville. Although we could only see the golf ball shaped temple from outside (renovation was on) that was impressive. An exhibition which detailed the inside of the temple- glass which caught the rays of the sun exactly- had us resolving to definitely come back and see the inside.

Lunch at a thin crust pizza place- with a ginormous oven- had the owner for the first time I can remember advising us to reduce our order! And indeed, when our pizza arrived, we couldn’t finish it, so it was a good thing we took his advice.

Walks by the rocky beach promenade at night, admiring the French construction, feeling the cool breeze- Pondicherry’s serene water deserves a repeat visit.

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