Monday, June 06, 2011

Fashionably You

If fashion is related to our clothes, social media is getting connected with how we fashion our inner selves. I was reading this and it has a point. We create content on social media, which is read by marketeers who shape products which we buy again to showcase our identity.
Is there a way out of this circle? Do we want an out? Just as fashion is sometimes what we chose to rebel against, but can't ignore, social media is similar. Even if we choose to not be on social media, it says something about us.
We construct different selves for different audiences- family, friends, colleagues. On social media, they are grouped together as 'Friends'. Can we have one identity online and split it up offline? A Limited Profile can hurt the feelings of people you exclude.
How do you explain to them that you are vainly trying to compartmentalize your life? Is it even possible? Parts will leak through, often in a graphic manner. tagging, comments, the system basically- keeps you on your toes deleting, untagging and so on in a vain attempt to keep silos intact.
Be yourself. Offline and online. Or else, you could go crazy :)


Sabihur Rahman said...

Well, I have completely different identities on FB and twitter. :) And I'm living with them. The trick is to ensure that your family members don't get a whiff of twitter.

nupurmaskara said...

Till how long Saby:) Fortunately they don't see the value of twitter ;) Although I first became active on Twitter so that I could know what my bro's upto- he was 'too busy' to take calls. twitter is a different beast...maybe another post.