Saturday, March 05, 2011

Note to Myself

I've learnt a lot from the Open Forum on Saturdays (1-2 PM) at Kornash. It's fun connecting it with Psychology classes in school. Heat and tempers rising are related, so need to be careful now:)
Acceptance- the past is past. It can't be changed. Accept that, and move on. Don't let it poison the present, and worse still, the future. Although it is important to vent, once that's done, it's time to move on.
Internal chatter- read an article in Femina on how music helps drown it out.
Karma- if people have forgiven you in the past for similar incidents, return the favor. Even if they haven't, you can pay it forward.
Depending on others for help can only be temporary. It's important to internalize lessons, so that you don't repeat mistakes.
I still love the definition of learning we studied in psychology class in school- Learning is any relatively permanentchange in behaviouras a result of experience.

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