Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 1

Aargh! Nothing's working. My Excel sheet got me less than 1 grand, adopt a plot got me less than half a grand. At least the gyan I read about being able to identify with MCs came in useful, as it led to my abandoning my adopted plot. I felt like writing a humourous story, so I've started that, but it's not funny so far.. and less than half a grand.

Have discovered I write in bursts, by the seat of my pants. At least poetry- even if it's just about my day- has that theme. But it's fun to be able to put keyboard to screen. Now all I have to do is say something meaningful:)

But it's a huge kick to see that dot on your graph- you've already done a grand, and are more than half way through to the next one!

Of course having bonsais is a bit of a downer when the idea is to grow a plant...let's see..

Maybe I can develop the plot as the story goes along..I love it when the story surprises you.


U said...

I vote for developing the plot as the story goes along. :)

nutty said...

Story of my life:)