Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mephisto's Manifesto

I'm really enjoying and learning a lot at the Muse Online Writers' Conference. Writing a novel no longer seems that scary. Using Excel to plot it, is the way I prefer to use Excel:) Although trying to blog everyday has helped me discipline myself as a writer, the flip side is that while writing sometimes, my blog style comes to me sometimes.

Still, I've managed to plot my novel's outline, logline and main characters' characteristics. I'm going to get down to writing everyday now, even if it's only 500 words a day- so that in some months I will have something substantial to look at.

Another spur is a coaching session with one of the writers at the conference- to discuss my problems with her, I need to write and have problems first:)

Although I read that core competency is at work in writing too- which is why Eliot is known more for poetry- it's difficult to imagine him as a novelist- at least one novel is in everyone.

As a couple of people a couple of years ago told me to write a book, I think I need to.

Last time I started, I ended up with a short story.

This time, I'm observing life around me from a writing point of view. Also, looking at writing differently- analysing while reading: why does this description work here, how has this author managed to hold reader interest.

All this also impacts my life- if a character is supposed to develop by the end of a novel, one does think of how one has developed(or not) over the years.

I had also forgotten writing's function of cohesion- now when I try to string my story together, I see the connections more clearly. Still have to get around to the imagination bit though.

In that sense, my poetry draws from life. I'm planning to experiment a bit with form now. Let's see.

Hopefully, putting this up will further motivate me to get going.

You hearing me, subconscious?

Need to work together again..:)

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