Sunday, August 24, 2008

Space, the final frontier

Astropohotography- uniting art and science- was the subject yesterday evening. Shutter speed, length of time the aperture is open and exposure are the parameters one can play with when one wants to shoot celestial bodies. A tripod with something to keep the shutter open is required, as one may need to keep the shutter open for 6 hours- stars move slowly across the sky.

The stars trails is visible as a curve. The partial solar eclipse at sunrise in Delhi 2007, with joggers in the foregound, had people thinking that the ones in the photo were running from the eclipse:)

Other out of the box ideas were leaving the parking lights on to get a reddish shade to a monument in the foregound of another photo of a star.

22 July 2009 ( maybe June) is when a total solar eclipse will happen in India. in Delhi, 85% of the sun will be covered. Patna, Vishakapatnam etc will witness a total eclipse of the heart.

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