Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's been a while

Enjoyed reading friends' blogs so much I got in the blogging mood.

Watched an Italian play, Yerma- the music was very dancey. The freedom of the whirling washerwomen seemed in stark contrast to the daily life of women in reality. The uninhibited laughter may only be possible on stage. Otherwise, Yerma's feeling that she is filled with poison and bewailing the lack of a child got on her husband's nerves as well as ours.

Khamosh! Adalat Jaari Hai had us rolling in our seats. The indifference of the men to the pain of the woman again showed that this was a Vijay Tendulkar play.

Also went on a walk to the Hauz Khas monuments. Now whenever I pass them, my neighbours seem different, with stories and histories.

Ludhiana English, where I was called the Nupur, Tashan style, left me speechless.

Am thoroughly enjoying my new role: Planning- and touchwood, doing well in it too. It's fun to strategise, problem solve for clients, identify differentiators. It's blissful to finally be in advertising, notwithstanding the ungodly hours. Considering 80% of our waking time is spent at work, it makes sense to do something you enjoy. It's been a while since I worked hard and juggled multiple variables simultaneously.

Mangalorean cuisine is delectable, though the name of the mushroom dish escapes me. A Shetty I know called herself mangy:)

Spencer's is done up so well- I love the carts with cars.

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