Monday, September 17, 2007

Wonderfool Weakends

Had a blast- literally let my hair down n painted the town red in my head. Went partying at half price on Friday night...Saturday I went to khan Market, bought chokolat n saw Manzil headquarters. Then I wound my way to CP, where i bought People Tree goodies- a batik hairband that was exorbitantly priced--but then, it is for the good earth:)
Sunday was also a funday--went to a wildlife film festival at habitat--saw Marilyn Monroe's corner at American Diner. Bought goodies from a stall that supplies to the national park--now I can do up my desk at office office with a vengeance:)The muffins at Eatopia had finished, so I had a chocolate tart instead.
Lost my way after a long time--went to Lodhi hotel instead of Lodhi garden restaurant for an open air concert--these firangs caught hold of me in khan Market--said Deli Univarsity n gave me a pass:)
The concert was amazing--we lolled on divans in the lawn n maaroed mast adda for hours on endless hours--had falafel rolls:)
Life remains good:) velly velly goot:>

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