Monday, January 15, 2007

Yesterday, Tom Alter played Hussain.
Winner of the Golden Bear Award, better known in Indias as a beer hug, the play captured Hussainsagar lake's myriad moods to near perfecshun.
Brushing past him on stage were his paintings.
Honourable mention- the threatening mails which the director has been subjected to from the usual keepers of consciences unknown.
Song, dance, mads and her outlaws completed the rigmarole which wrung m.f. dry.
i'd missed this play in bbay- thx 2 wk- but as it is a skittish version of an original, it was not missed much.
it reminded me of a session i attended in science city- which had javed akhtar reading his poems out, then a bengali reading the translation, and finally, a painting on the emotion of that poem in particular.
Now, that can be called music.
Duty calls.
To work, to work:)

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